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Javelina Leap Vineyard,
Winery & Bistro
Javelina Leap is family operated, privately owned, by Rod & Cynthia Snapp.  It is a premium boutique winery with award winning wines. The winery is in northern Arizona’s Verde Valley only minutes away from Sedona in the small historic valley of Page Springs.
Javelina Leap Winery processes approximately 44 tons of Arizona grown grapes equaling about 2600 cases of fine Javelina Leap Arizona wine.   When you visit them, you will be sampling wines at a fully functional vineyard and winery.  Their harvested Arizona grapes are picked, de-stemmed, fermented, pressed, aged, bottled and labeled all at the winery which is equipped with a 100 barrel capacity cellar currently full of aging Arizona wine.   They also offer tours of their winemaking facility and barrel room.
Elevation, volcanic soil, hot days and cool nights make Arizona a perfect environment for grape growing.   Arizona, California, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Bordeaux France are all between 34 and 45 degrees latitude north of the Equator placing Arizona among some of the most famous wine destinations in the world.

Javelina Leap wines are not only pure varietal wines, but also a pure expression of the Arizona terroir.